The Importance of Observability in Creating Value from Data

11-08-2022 Data Business Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating Businesses Into 5G + Edge

22-06-2022 Edge computing 5G Private Networks Smart society

Artificial Intelligence at the Industrial Edge

01-06-2022 Industry 4.0

AI at Water Week Expo, Dubai

03-05-2022 Smart society

Spearheading AI integration into Business

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RAIN now comes with out-of-the-box infrastructure

20-12-2021 Edge computing
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RAIN & partners’ Slush side-event: distributed computing, people flow, digital twins, oh baby!

12-11-2021 Edge computing
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Smooth sailing with RAIN and Mirantis k0s

15-10-2021 Kubernetes
Elevators at the Ludwig Erhard Haus in Berlin. Photo by Markus Christ via Pixabay.

What do speed, cost and flex mean to your business?

09-09-2021 Industry 4.0
Jarne & Henri.

An Officer and a Gentle Man

30-08-2021 Lempea Oy
Mimmit koodaa program coordinator Milja Köpsi.

You don’t code with your genitals

21-06-2021 Diversity Technology
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What RAIN is

14-06-2021 Edge computing Energy Industry 4.0 Smart society
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What do you expect from a great newsletter?

20-05-2021 Edge computing
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Hacking an immersive digital experience at the office

29-04-2021 Smart society Sustainability Technology
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Talking Kubernetes in Slovenia

23-04-2021 Technology
Ilmatar by Robert Wilhelm Ekman, 1860. Source: Wikipedia.

The virgin spirit of cheap new energy

12-04-2021 Energy Wind power Sustainability
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Ecology and efficiency go hand in hand

25-03-2021 Energy Industry 4.0 Sustainability
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District heating scenarios: case Helsinki

20-03-2021 Energy Smart society
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Energy IoT shouldn't cost an arm and a leg

12-03-2021 Energy Industry 4.0
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Up next: natively edge-to-cloud virtual power plants (VPPs)

05-03-2021 Energy Virtual Power Plants
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How to ride the ‘edge-to-cloud continuum’

26-02-2021 Energy Industry 4.0 Smart society
Satellite image of "Winter Storm Uri", over the Eastern United States on February 16, 2021.

Could Texas happen here?

19-02-2021 Energy Wind power
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Getting a handle on Nordic wind

12-02-2021 Energy Wind power
Real-time pothole detection with probability scores.

Where have all the potholes gone?

05-02-2021 Smart society
Photo by Damian Markutt on Unsplash. Edited by Palash Mukhopadhyay.

Debriefing from Davos: Thank you for your questions!

26-01-2021 Energy Virtual Power Plants
Photo by Damian Markutt on Unsplash.

Let’s meet at Davos Energy Week

19-01-2021 Energy Virtual Power Plants
Team Lempea in front of Helsinki Central Library Oodi.

If not us, then who?

08-01-2021 Energy Smart society Industry 4.0