What do speed, cost and flex mean to your business?

Jos Schuurmans 09-09-2021 Industry 4.0
Elevators at the Ludwig Erhard Haus in Berlin. Photo by Markus Christ via Pixabay.

Elevators at the Ludwig Erhard Haus in Berlin. Photo by Markus Christ via Pixabay.

If you’re attending Industry of Things World in Berlin on September 20 and 21 in person, do come and see us at the Titanic Chaussee, Ballsaal III, booth A. We’ll show you RAIN in action.

Ask for CEO Henri Kivioja (LinkedIn) or Sales Lead Ville-Matti Koskinen (LinkedIn). Feel free to connect with us in advance.

RAIN is the data application platform that lets businesses fuse and monetize data from any source with no coding required, to accelerate their business transformation with digitalization. — From our blog article: ‘What RAIN is

From data to business wisdom

In manufacturing and logistics, these days everyone is well aware of the crucial role of data in managing and continuously improving business processes. The pervasiveness of the terms IoT and Industry 4.0 attest to that.

When individual data are structured and organized, they are put into context and become information. By linking, synthesizing and discussing it, we add meaning to information so that it turns into knowledge. As we accumulate, integrate and apply knowledge, we discover the patterns and gain the insights so that knowledge evolves into the wisdom that moves our business forward.

Think outside of the data silo

Companies spend significant resources on retrieving data from often closed systems and then hooking the data up to analytics tools. Such projects tend to be costly, slow, and rigid.

The business-savvy approach is to start from the intelligence and wisdom that your business would benefit most from. What would give you a leg up over your competitors? Think outside of the box. Don’t limit your thinking by assuming what data may be contained in your silos.

With RAIN we can horizontally aggregate and combine data from any and all of your systems. It’s a means to an end. To borrow from Stephen Covey, let’s start with the end in mind. Let’s start by first asking the right questions and then aggregating data from ALL relevant business processes.

What does RAIN do?

RAIN empowers businesses to leapfrog their digital transformation like nothing else.

OK, so what is RAIN?

RAIN is a distributed software solution that runs on any (combination of) computer infrastructure; that enables organizations to collect, reduce, fuse, process and control any data from and across any information systems (online/offline, in the cloud, from edge devices, manufacturing, utilities, logistics or retail systems); and to create, test, deploy and manage data applications faster, more affordably, more flexibly and with greater ease of use than any other offering on the market today.

RAIN — the platform for enterprise data applications

In case you haven’t yet done so, feel free to sign up for RAIN at app.rain.global.

Business is all about speed, cost, and flex. We think about it daily - you and we both.

What does speed mean to you? The speed of innovation? Production speed? Speed of delivery? Speed of awareness about fluctuating demand and supply? 24/7 predictive maintenance response times? Failing fast but scaling faster?

What does cost mean to you? The cost of quality assurance? The cost of returned orders? The cost of alternative purchasing? The cost of operation and maintenance of incompatible, vendor-specific data systems? Incremental reduction of cost per unit, multiplied by tens of thousands? The cost of lost opportunities? Transparent and predictable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? Time to money?

What does flex mean to you? Agility? The ability to mix and match any data, in any location? Being able to interact with any edge or cloud infrastructure your customers are using? Your ability to help your customers service not only your own but also your competitors’ hardware? The ability to re-route your production line the second a supplier signals a bottleneck in their channel?

Forget data application ‘projects’

While speed, cost, and flex are the qualities that can make your business stand out, they are also at the heart of RAIN.

There is no other product in the market today with which you can create, deploy and control data applications, via distributed computing across any edge and cloud infrastructure, quite as fast, cost-effectively, flexibly and easily as RAIN.

As far as the technology under the hood is concerned, there is no match.

But it’s not just the deep tech. RAIN offers you the ultimate data application experience all-around. We’ve gone to great lengths to make the front-end no-code and intuitive to use by any business person or subject-matter expert.

From the comfort of your web browser, drag and drop a data source, a functional node and an actuation onto the canvas and you’re off to the races.

Experiment and deploy in real time. Edit your data applications with no risk.

Forget data application development ‘projects’. Reduce your time to deployment from months to minutes and your costs from tens or hundreds of thousands to mere hundreds or even tens of euros per application.

Don’t, however, forget to sign up at app.rain.global to take RAIN for a spin.

As said, if you’re attending Industry of Things World in Berlin on September 20 and 21 in person, it’ll be great to see you at the Titanic Chaussee, Ballsaal III, booth A.

Also, if you’d like to explore how your data could improve your business, you can book a call with our CEO Henri Kivioja here anytime, with no strings attached.