Stream. Deploy.

Succeed. Act. Perform.

Welcome to RAIN!

RAIN is the real-time streaming data and AI deployment platform for Communication Service Providers and their enterprise customers.

Say goodbye to CSP’s rising operating expenses.

Empower your business with remarkable reductions of costs and improve profitability.

Stream. Deploy. Succeed.


Get real-time insights and predictions based on data from multiple sources fast and easy.

Monitor and predict events and trends for improved operations and streamlined decision making.

Empower users to make data-driven business decisions faster and save 25 % of OPEX.

How it works


Connect your data sources; sensor data, video streams, IoT data or more to RAIN. Use the Flow Editor to design your data flow and stream the data into RAIN.


Select from RAIN’s library of integrations, functional blocks and AI models. Or even create your own block. Use the Flow Editor to deploy the models on your data stream. The models will analyze the data and provide real-time insights and predictions.


Use the insights and predictions provided by RAIN to make AI-informed business decisions and optimize your operations. With RAIN, you can harness the power of your data and succeed in today’s data-driven economy.


Henri Kivioja

CEO / Founder

Thrilled to blend entrepreneurship and start-up life with my professional passions of project management, Agile coaching and SW product development.

Jarne Atsar

COO / Co-founder

Lengthy ICT career, master of SW & HW development projects. Innovative and product-focused, savvy business manager. Striving for excellence, always executing with precision.

Pekka Immonen

Head of Product

In depth experience in IT. A maestro of modern product management, a strategist extraordinaire and a product conception ninja. Fluent in tech, speaks Agile and has international team-leading skills.

Minka Kailu

Creative Director

Passionate about design, UX and art. I have always agreed with Thomas Watson Jr on this: “Good design is good business.”

Antti Tarakkamäki


Entrepreneurial CFO, launched 1st company at 17 via Young Enterprise program. Believes Finance is crucial and the CFO role can also be fun. Still learning through doing business.

Tuukka Säles

Lead Architect

Diverse experience in the software industry and enthusiastic about its development. Thinking: elegant architecture makes software understandable. Having it ready makes it available.