AI-powered, real-time data platform for Telecom Tower Companies

Use RAIN to achieve high operational intelligence on your tower network and deploy AI-driven use-cases through a single platform:

  • Utilize real-time analytics and actionable insights to optimize your operations
  • Realize major cost savings via automated processes and reporting
  • Monitor your entire operation with a customizable dashboard

AI-powered, real-time data platform for Telecom Tower Companies

Why choose RAIN?

RAIN is a single intelligent platform for real-time streaming and analytics of all operational data, allowing you to eliminate data and software silos.

We can develop and deploy end-to-end AI solutions to automate your processes with diverse use-cases across passive and active infrastructure, driving material cost savings.

RAIN’s visual interface gives you real-time, continuous and actionable data-driven insights for smarter and proactive decision making. It is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

You can use our platform to enhance customer service and generate new revenue streams from tenants and third parties, for example via real-time data sharing.

RAIN’s modern software architecture is scalable and customizable. Our flexible ‘SaaS per tower’ pricing model allows you to start small and scale later to your entire tower network.

How RAIN brings value to tower companies

Single data platform for real-time analytics

  • Customizable dashboard view of the entire network
  • “Zoom-in / zoom-out” for each site
  • Real-time analytics and insights for timely action

Operational cost savings via AI-driven use cases

  • Digitization and automation of current manual processes
  • Predictive analytics and maintenance
  • Automated reporting on a set schedule

New revenue opportunities

  • New digital services to MNOs via RAIN platform
  • Processed real-time data streams to diverse customers
  • End-user use cases for neutral host networks

Intelligent power management


  • AI-driven energy management, with optimized power supply and energy storage, and AI/ML based demand prediction


  • Reduce electricity costs via peak shaving
  • Maximize use of renewable energy
  • Decrease energy consumption and waste

Advanced analytics and reporting of power usage


  • AI-based data analytics to identify inefficiencies in AC vs. DC power conversion, with real-time data monitoring of the rectifier


  • Enhance energy usage with a higher efficiency rectifier
  • Provide accurate real-time data on energy consumption to tenants
  • Replace manual processes with automated reporting and billing

Predictive maintenance


  • Anomaly detection via holistic IoT based monitoring (e.g. sound, vibration, air quality, temperature, energy consumption) and machine learning algorithms


  • Identify issues before they cause costly equipment downtime or failure
  • Extend equipment lifetime
  • Optimize maintenance schedule with reduced costs

Dynamic HVAC optimization


  • AI-driven algorithms continuously analyze data from various sensors and adapt HVAC system operation to real-time conditions


  • Reduce energy consumption and waste
  • Generate material cost savings
  • Realize significant sustainability benefits


Henri Kivioja

CEO / Founder

Thrilled to blend entrepreneurship and start-up life with my professional passions of project management, Agile coaching and SW product development.

Jarne Atsar

COO / Co-founder

Lengthy ICT career, master of SW & HW development projects. Innovative and product-focused, savvy business manager. Striving for excellence, always executing with precision.

Pekka Immonen

Head of Product

In depth experience in IT. A maestro of modern product management, a strategist extraordinaire and a product conception ninja. Fluent in tech, speaks Agile and has international team-leading skills.

Minka Kailu

Creative Director

Passionate about design, UX and art. I have always agreed with Thomas Watson Jr on this: “Good design is good business.”

Antti Tarakkamäki


Entrepreneurial CFO, launched 1st company at 17 via Young Enterprise program. Believes Finance is crucial and the CFO role can also be fun. Still learning through doing business.

Tuukka Säles

Lead Architect

Diverse experience in the software industry and enthusiastic about its development. Thinking: elegant architecture makes software understandable. Having it ready makes it available.