Artificial Intelligence at the Industrial Edge

01-06-2022 Industry 4.0

Manufacturing and process industry sectors are facing a need of changing how they operate. Environment and issues of efficiency coupled with legacy working technologies are simply not enough for today’s requirements — not to mention what challenges lie ahead.

Automation has always been the endgame within the manufacturing industry: digitising processes not only improve health and safety but lead to higher productivity and reduced costs. In fact, four out of five manufacturers say they are ready to invest in new technologies to boost productivity.

The rise of edge technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are leading to significant changes in production processes, making the manufacturing landscape unrecognisable to what it was fifty years ago.

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New edge capabilities changing how products are manufactured and managed — real-time optimisation.

Industry 4.0 has arrived based on real-time data capture for local machine learning and IoT management. Adapting to Industry 4.0 is essential for all manufacturers to remain competitive with highly efficient manufacturing facilities to minimise costs while maximising output, with companies struggling to drive ROI from data operations due to lack of bespoke development capabilities and increasing AI complexity.

With the growing dominance of edge technology, the rise of 5G reality, and the staggering increase in demand for the IoT market, making a move to Industry 4.0 is no longer a nice to have. It’s a must.

AI in Action

Edge enables closer management of machinery and predictive maintenance: factories are a delicate ecosystem of machinery and electronics. If one piece of equipment stops working, it can shut-down the manufacturing process, leading to a loss of productivity and profits.

Edge technology can monitor equipment as AI uses the data held locally to predict when a piece of machinery is likely to fail. Identification and repair of that machinery before failure saves valuable time and costs on all vectors.

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Broken part of manufacturing line will halt production as necessary parts (or new units) might not be readily at hand.

The best AI solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT architecture and data flows. Genuine automation of operations and problem prevention begins with embracing the idea of AI — and specifically that it already is here, today.

Artificial Intelligence models will be at the core of every industry operation in the very near future. Tools for delivering insight and actionable information adjust the workloads automatically for optimal lead-times in manufacturing.

Smarter and more responsive machines

The majority of factory work is now carried out by machine, helping to keep staff safe and allowing factories to run 24 hours a day for maximum efficiency. These machines are performance-sensitive and need to work in real-time, as well as react to potential health and safety issues.

For example, if a person accidentally fell onto the conveyor belt, how would the machine respond?

Edge technologies enable immediate responses to local observations without the necessary delay through cloud calculations. Data is held and used without hesitation where it is needed — this is also at the very core of true Industry 4.0. Solution.

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Edge solutions support getting real-time analysis of the Big Picture.

The traditional clouds remain vital. In Industry 4.0 clouds are used increasingly as reserves and depositories for analysing bigger heaps of data gathered in the connected edge machine network. The more data is collected the better decisions an AI can make.

The sooner manufacturers adopt edge technologies and solutions the better the results will become.

Cooperation at the Edge

Together, Ori Industries and RAIN are delivering business agility through features such as data analysis, AI/ML model deployments and analytics powered by edge computing capabilities that process data locally, and quickly. Intelligent data operations bring value to enterprises immediately and in real-time. Joint solution is designed for ease of deployment and scaling as required.

Your data is your competitive edge — make your data work for you!

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